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Welcome to the official website of GWES ERN!

What is GWES ERN?

The GWES EAS Relay Network is a system of decommissioned (and some brand new) broadcast EAS equipment, repurposed by enthusiasts for internal alerting of civil emergencies or hazardous weather, in addition to GWES-originated messages. The network is a revival of GWES Weather Network and its program to relay EAS messages.

Interested in joining? Participants enjoy the:

  • In-house CAP server, compatible with commercial EAS units.
  • Centralized Icecast streaming/monitoring server .
  • Customizable EAS logging software.
  • Website hosting.
  • FreePBX phone system access (SIP).
  • Minecraft & Garry’s Mod dedicated servers.
  • “Hub-and-Spoke” network design, allowing for extreme flexibility and minimal regulations.

Have we won you over? Click here to get started.